Prior to March of 2020 many people traveled around the globe to have face-to-face communications – things have changed.  Many of us have had to adjust or communication techniques.  Technology has changed the speed of communicating information and it is now possible to broadcast information to reach an audience like never in history.

The Setting

Jay Admiral is faced with how to communicate to a disperse workforce, many working at the headquarters building of a bank, while others are in remote branch offices.  Jay recognizes that both oral and written communications need to be used effectively; to reach his team members and to effectively communicate to the staff.  People need to have information reinforced to them; marketing experts found that people need to hear a message seven times for it to “stick.”

How to Apply

When you are not getting through to a team or individuals, rethink how you are communicating and if you are only using one means, try a few different techniques.  If someone is not responding to an email, try a phone call.  Some people respond better to visual communications like graphics whereas others need things to be written out.   Video may work well for some, whereas others may need to read information for it to resonate with them.

There is no Wrong Way

Always remember that each person is unique and that just because they communicate differently than you, it doesn’t make you or them wrong.

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