Welcome to the path to creating a better environment at work, at home, and in the world around us.

My Background

When I worked at the US European Command (EUCOM) I loved my job while Adm. James Stavridis, USN (Ret.) was the Commander.

Despite being in a hierarchical organization and several rungs down the ladder, I knew the “bosses” priorities. His communications and ability to convey his Character Traits of True Professionals inspired thousands.

How I applied this beyond the military?

I wanted to capture and share his communication strategy and leadership philosophies with others but have found that often people feel that the military environment does not apply to civilian environments.

To share the knowledge of Adm. Stavridis, I developed the character of Jay Admiral and placed him in an alternate timeline as the CEO of a bank.

Everyone wants to do a good job

People do not show up to a new job or the office wanting to create havoc or give others a hard time, but this is often how it feels.

We need to take a moment to understand how others feel and “put ourselves in their shoes.”

The Character Traits of True Professionals will be revealed over the next 10 weeks and provide you with different ways to connect and collaborate with those around you.

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