When I was a child I loved writing short stories and dreamed of writing books. Now that my dreams have come true, I want to enable and empower other authors. I continue to write and hope that my stories have an impact on some of the readers. I write in the genre of leadership fables, which are stories about life and business, with key points that can be applied. Teaching stories have existed throughout history and for many are the best way to recall information. I know that these stories won’t resonate with everyone and that is fine – we all have our own likes, dislikes, and stories to share. I simply ask that you be kind, as there is already so much discord in the world today. My first book was translated into Persian and available through SendOwl.

My next book is scheduled to be released Christmas 2023! Unexpected Virtual Leadership: A Pandemic Story. The first of a trilogy about leadership and working in remote environments during the pandemic. Each book covers one year from March of 2020 to March 2023.

As an author, I feel it is important that we support each other, I started doing book reviews a few years ago on my blog posts. If you are in author in the fields of project management, public speaking, leadership, or related field please contact me if you would like me to do a review.

Books that I have contributed to as a leadership expert include:

Transparent and Authentic Leadership: From Biblical Principles to Contemporary Practices. Please check out the final Chapter 12 “Prostitutes and Promises: Multicultural Authentic Leadership.”

Purposeful Leadership edited by Jennifer Harshman

The Nature of Biblical Followership, Volume 2 Organizational and Cultural Values. Please check out Chapter 4 “Esther as a Courageous Follower.”

Consummate-Communicator Books
Consummate-Communicator Books

Consummate-Communicator Books

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