You don’t manage people; you manage things. You lead people.” – Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

An essential skill that is needed across industries and cultures is leadership. Successful organizations recognize the importance of balancing leadership and management. After leading successful projects in the IT and cyber security field for over two decades it became clear that successful projects are not about who has the best technical solution, but who has the most passion to achieve their goals and dreams.

It is my goal to help the leaders in todays complex modern world of generative AI and hybrid work to learn how to be successful in a constantly changing environment. Leading and managing in remote and hybrid environments requires different skills and techniques than in traditional office based teams. If you are struggling with trust and communication in your teams schedule a free 30 minute consultation today.

AMY-HAMILTON-1-683x1024 Amy S. Hamilton

Amy completed her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at Regent University in their Organizational Leadership Program. Amy holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Geography, from Eastern Michigan University, a Master of Science (MS) in Urban Studies from Georgia State University, Master in Computer Science (MSc) from the University of Liverpool, Master Certificate in Project Management (PM) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) from the National Defense University, and completed the US Air University, Air War College.

She is an award-winning public speaker and has presented in over twenty countries on overcoming adversity, reaching your dreams, computer security, and project management. She served in the Michigan Army National Guard as a communications specialist and was commissioned into the US Army Officer Signal Corp, serving on Active Duty and later the US Army Reserves. She has worked at both the US European Command and the US Northern Command & North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) on multiple communications and IT projects. She served two years as a senior cyber security policy analyst at the Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President and served as the Senior Cyber Security Advisor for the Department of Energy Chief Information Security Officer. She is currently the visiting faculty chair from the Department of Energy to the Department of Defense National Defense University, College of Information and Cyberspace.

Amy’s motto is “A woman who is passionate about project management, public speaking and shoes.”

AMY-HAMILTON-1-683x1024 Amy S. Hamilton
TEDxStuttgart Germany

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