I realized that it has been two years since I posted in my blog. I guess someplace between finishing my PhD, working full time, and writing some book chapters that will be coming out this spring, I forgot about my website. Website content can be important for engaging an audience and providing current information – I have dropped the ball on that lately. Instead of kicking myself or pretending that I didn’t take a long break I wanted to share my experience with you.

Be Honest

When you are your authentic your true self shines through — people have a sixth sense for knowing when someone is not being genuine. I think many of us try to present a perfect façade to the world. I could have simply started writing again and ignored that I had not posted in over two years but instead I felt that I needed to be honest. I apologize dear reader, I didn’t prioritize you. You deserve better.


I once read that we all have the same 24 hours each day, the question is what we do with that time. We spend our time on the things we value. It can be hurtful sometimes when you value someone and want to spend time with them and they don’t feel the same way. The most important person to value is yourself, however, and each of minute of your day is precious. I am making this website a priority again and I hope that you will find it a place of valuable content.


There are a few professional sites I love to follow because the authors convey a sense of joy about their work. Life is too short not to enjoy what you are doing. I write because I love it and hope others will enjoy it. When you love what you do it is apparent. I am looking forward to writing more and sharing better content with you.