CV and Resume Tips

updating your CV or resume can be a daunting task. When you are seeking a new position, looking for a job can take as much time as your current job. Use these tips to get noticed by hiring managers.

Update your CV or Resume


People always tell you it is the content, but let’s be honest “Looks matter!” Hiring managers review hundreds of CVs and Resumes everyday.  In order to get noticed quickly, you need to have a well formatted product to display.  This paper represents you and your work; if it doesn’t show off the great catch you are, it will be thrown back in the deep. Aesthetics count in this situation, you need to take the time to format your final product to ensure it makes the cut.

CV and Resumes that are difficult to read will be cast aside for products that are sleek, well organized, and designed with the idea of the reader in mind.  If you can’t produce a well balanced and easy to read CV, how will you produce easy to read project reports?

  • Balance white space
  • Use Bold, Italics, and underlining consistently
  • Place your most important features first


No detail is too small when you are determining a close call between to final candidates.  Ensure you aren’t eliminated by ensuring your CV or resume is accurate and includes correct information.  Many people expect spell-check and grammar-check to be enough; don’t fall into that trap! After you proofread, ask several friends to proofread.  Don’t copy and paste information from the advertisement into your CV or resume.  Review the dates for your job experience and be prepared to explain any discrepancies. Verify your references and ensure that you are using the best contact information for them.


Project managers are required to produce documents that are accurate and reflect the project timeline and milestones; if you can’t do this on your CV, how does this reflect on your PM skills?

  • Verify contact information for references
  • Review dates and timelines
  • Proofread, Proofread, Proofread


Once the hiring manager decides to read your document, it needs to be worth their time. Take a few minutes to tailor your CV or resume to the job advertisement which you are applying.  Use the same language and words as the announcement.  Ensure that your write-up explains what you did, the impact, and that it is quantifiable. Provide enough detail to keep the hiring manager reading, but not so much that they lose interest.  This is the time to be bold and brag about your accomplishments.

    • Tailor your language
    • Provide the impact
    • Don’t be shy!

Life is a Project!

Don’t let your CV or resume be the reason you aren’t getting that fabulous new position.  Use these tips to get noticed and be at the top of interview list.

Teaser:  Interview tips will be coming shortly!!!

Some additional information regarding CVs and Resumes from my bi-monthly FB live session!

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