Lead your team through the summer heat!

Leading your team through the summer heat can be a challenge.  The long, hot days of summer are upon us and it is difficult to focus.   How can we get through these dog days of summer?

Keep it Cool

When the weather gets warm temperatures can flare up quickly.  When you are working in a climate control office, turning up the air conditioning is a good option.  When working outside or in places without air conditioning, you might need to be more creative.  Whether inside or outside, make sure that you and your team are drinking plenty of fluid.  Neither your brain or your body work well when you are dehydrated.  The heat might require you to relax the dress code; if you are in a suit and tie environment, maybe polo shirts and golf shorts.  When in doors, turning off some of lights might make it cooler.  The most important thing is to create a work environment that is best for your team.

Keep it Cool
  • Hydration is key
  • Relax the dress code
  • Limit the florescent lighting

Slow Down

Summer can be more draining mentally and physically it is important to take your time and not rush.  Overheating in the summer is dangerous and it is better to be slow and steady than have someone on your team have heat stroke and become incapacitated.  It is better to lose an hour than a day of work

Slow Down
  • Review your deliverable schedule
  • Take advantage of slack in your timeline

Take a Break

Summer is a great time for holidays and vacations.  Determine which employees will be taking a break and ensure it is part of your gantt chart reflects any changes to resources that won’t be available.  Schedule breaks during the heat of the day.  Mini-breaks and summer holiday weekends offer your team a chance to beat the summer heat. Sometimes if you can’t get away, bring the getaway to your team. Ice cream socials are fun ways to socialize at the office and enjoy a bit of the taste of summer.

Take a Break
      • Schedule vacations
      • Take breaks
      • Create breaks

Life is a Project!

Summer heat can make it hard to focus and accomplish work; use these tips to get through the long, hot days ahead.

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