Losing weight is often one of the goals that people set for their new years resolution.  Project Management is a great way to get organized and reach your goals.  Try these project management tips to achieve your 2018 diet plan goals.

pexels-photo-262876-150x150 Projectize Your Diet Plan for 2018!

Set your goals!


Initiating a diet plan is just like initiating a project.  When you start a new diet plan it is important to consult with your stakeholders during the initiation phases.

Do you have a partner who will be going on the diet with you?  Do you have small children who you will be preparing different meals for each night?  Bring your family and friends together for a discussion on your diet and meal plans.

Decide on a diet plan that you think you can stick with and consult a doctor before you begin.  There are a lot of resources for current diet trends to include keto, paleo, and vegetarian.  If you haven’t currently been using one of these plans, scope your diet change to only one of these major plans.

Set dates and goals.  When will you kick off your diet plan?  What is your major goal and when do you want it to be accomplished?

  • Consult your family (stakeholders)
  • Chose one plan
  • Set goals


Whether eating out, making meals at home, or traveling, planning ahead can help you to keep your diet resolution.

pexels-photo-262876-150x150 Projectize Your Diet Plan for 2018!

Plan your diet

Lists can be created online or by pen and paper.  Take time to plan out your meal and snack plan. Studies show that just the act of writing can increase your commitment.

Modern technology allows us the ability to download apps that increase the information at our finger tips.  For example the ketoapp allows you to discover both keto friendly foods and places to eat.  Find an app that works for your new diet plan and download it to your smartphone.

Another important planning tip is to avoid temptation.  If you are going to an event, eat in advance so you aren’t hungry.  If you know that there is a bakery you can’t resist, take another route, the extra walking will help burn calories too!  Avoiding temptation is easier than resisting it during the execution phase.

  • Create a list
  • Download an app
  • Avoid temptation


After planning your diet, it is time to execute!

Follow your plan and keep it with you.  It doesn’t matter if you are using an app or notebook, if you don’t have your plan you are likely to forget it.  Last week I covered The Power of Habit, until you have new habits, you need to be mindful of what you ar

pexels-photo-262876-150x150 Projectize Your Diet Plan for 2018!

Execute your diet plan

e eating.

Often the workplace can be full of what I label ‘food pushers.”  There are people who are always bringing in cakes and other treats that are high in sugar and calories.  Politely offer to go for a walk or share your carrot sticks instead of giving in to these treats.

Setting new habits can be difficult, but consistency is key.  Don’t let a minor setback, become a major obstacles that snowballs out of control.  Try your best and focus on the times you are doing well.

  • Stick to your plan
  • Resist the food pushers
  • Stay consistent
pexels-photo-262876-150x150 Projectize Your Diet Plan for 2018!

Monitor and Control your diet

Monitoring and Controlling

Seeing our progress can help us to stick to a new diet plan, but we must also not let slow weight loss or a gain discourage us.

Weight is a common measure for diet plans, but not the only one.  Some of the most important measurements include body mass, cholesterol level, and blood pressure. 

Understanding how your mind and emotions impact your food choices can help you to stick to your plan.  Do you overeat when you are stressed?  Do you crave sugar filled snacks when you are tired?  Monitor your plan and look for patterns.

Knowing how you feel is one of the best indicators of a successful diet.  When diets are working for your body type you should feel energized, not listless.

  • Measure more than weight
  • Keep a food journal or app
  • Stay tuned to your health


pexels-photo-262876-150x150 Projectize Your Diet Plan for 2018!

Reach your goal

The closing phase is important and should never be overlooked.

Celebrate your accomplishments.  Get a massage or go on a trip.  Reward yourself with time with friends or a new outfit.

Review what worked well and what didn’t go well on your plan.  What could you do differently?

You can always go back to any phase of your diet plan project and start over.  The most important thing for any diet plan is to have a healthy body to house your mind and spirit.

  • Celebrate your accomplishments
  • Capture lessons learned
  • Go back to any phase to adjust


Life is a Project!

Try using these simple project management tips to achieve your diet goals!


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