Cyber Security and Project Management – a year in review!

As 2017 closes and 2018 is quickly approaching, it is a good time to reflect on project trends over the past year.  2017 has seen a significant increase in cyber security as it relates to project management and it likely this trend will continue into 2018.

Security Management is increasing

Articles in 2017

2017 had an unprecedented number of articles addressing cyber security and project management.  Seeing events in my own workplace, in April 2017 I wrote about the need to include Cyber Security from the start of every project.

Some project managers in 2017 began to question if cyber security was just another task for IT project managers, similar to change management or risk management.  Other project managers viewed cyber security as an area where project managers, not in IT need to be informed; what project managers need to know about cyber security. 

2017 is winding down and 2018 is getting close; Brad Egeland provides his views on Trends for cyber security in 2018. 

Cyber security made the press a lot in 2017 and it is a great time to reflect on trends of 2017.

  • Cyber Security Spending is increasing
  • Awareness for trained project managers is increasing
  • Predictions are this will continue in 2018

Cyber Security in 2018

2017 set new expectations for IT and other project managers to be savvy in cyber security practices.  We live in an interconnected world where the Internet of Things (IOT) is a reality and even our refrigerators are connected to the internet.  As the reliance on technology increases, project managers need to become better educated and better trained in cyber security.

Sources forecast that there will continue to be a skills shortage in 2018 for trained cyber security professionals.  

Forbes predicts that GDRP (General Data Protection) will become increasingly important and that user education programs will increase.

Cyber security will continue to be an issue in 2018 and there is a shortage of skilled members in the workforce, to include project managers.

Cyber isn’t just for IT projects anymore
  • Technology continues to become more integrated
  • General Data needs to be protected
  • Shortage of skilled workers

Don’t get left behind

If you haven’t started, now is the time to get trained and educated in the field of cyber security.

Start reading articles about cyber security and keep informed on new trends and attacks.  Norton believes that many ransomware attacks could be prevented.  A knowledgeable project manager will add value to their organization by knowing this type of information.

There are a number of certificate and education programs available that will increase your value as an IT project manager.  Study and earn a certificate in 2018.  If you have your certificate, keep your continuing education current to maintain your credential.

Don’t be afraid to speak up in the boardroom about a cyber security concern.  The days of the CIO, CISO, and IT PMs being left in the basement are over.  Cyber security is big business and big news.

  • Stay informed on current events
  • Get certified, stay certified
  • Speak up about cyber security.

Is Cyber Security another Project Management Task?

Just as there are specializes in project management for risk managers and project schedulers, it is my prediction that cyber security will be both a generalized task and a highly sought after specialty.

Add cyber security to your project checklist

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